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Currently, SH 550 is the first and only toll road in Cameron County, Texas. SH 550 is located in Brownsville, Texas and connects drivers from I-69E to the Port of Brownsville directly. The toll road features cashless gantries, overpasses, and exit ramps. All vehicles can drive on SH 550 with or without a TxTag or PToll account. Vehicle registration information is received when a vehicle passes through a cashless gantry. Our back office will then mail you a bill using the address that is registered to your vehicle. A processing fee of $1.00 is applied to every bill mailed to the address. Failure to pay toll bills can result in a misdemeanor. You are responsible for toll payment under Texas Transportation Code 370.177 for payment. The Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority is here to help you avoid penalties. Learn more below on how you can save money and avoid additional fees for using tolls roads in Cameron County, Texas.


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TxTag is the fastest and most convenient way to travel on toll roads throughout the State of Texas. With a TxTag windshield sticker that is installed on your vehicle, you are ready to pay for your tolls electronically through your online account.

  • Register your account online. You will need your license plate, debit/credit card, and email address.
  • Setup automatic payments to receive free installation kits for up to five (5) vehicles.
  • Save up to 25% on toll roads across Texas, including SH 550 in Brownsville, Texas.

Click on the links below to get started with your TxTag account. You can also visit our office in Rancho Viejo, Texas to open a TxTag account and receive a complimentary $10 credit towards your new account. All drivers are encouraged to open a TxTag account to take advantage of the entire toll road system in Texas.
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Texas Tollway System:

App, Snap, & Drive™!

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PToll™ is another form of payment for customers who use SH 550 in Cameron County, Texas. It is an innovative app that allows untagged, infrequent, and transient consumers the ability to use toll roads without the issues that accompany pay-by-mail. This means, no paper bills to deal with and no late fees, fines, or postage.

With PToll™, consumers are charged the toll and a small convenience fee (15% per transaction), only when they use the road. 

  • No more bills in the mail
  • No more late fees and fines
  • Manage your account from your phone

To get started, you must download the PToll™ app on your smartphone (Android or iOS), add a credit/debit card, enter a valid email address, and snap a picture of the rear of your vehicle. After your account is processed, you will receive a notification informing you that you are set to use your new account for toll roads.

Download the app.

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Toll Bills can now be paid over the internet at your convenience. There is a slightly higher rate for Pay By Mail due to its processing fees, and you may receive bills from different tolling authorities if travelled through different toll roads. Pay By Mail customers are billed using the address on their vehicle registration information captured when traveling through toll roads. It is highly important that your information is always kept up to date to ensure that bills are sent to the correct address. Any failure to pay a Toll Bill can result in court fines and additional fees. It is very important that as a Texas driver you understand that if you lease or loan your vehicle out, you are responsible under Texas law for any tolls incurred by the driver. For more information concerning violations, click here. To search for any unpaid bills you may have received, click here.

SH 550 Rates

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